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Anonymous: thought i was the only one around crushing rilatin fuck can't sleep either but may i ask why you do this to yourself ?

I was just crashing after a party and all of the sudden there was ritalin, my friend got it but I see ritalin more as a tool to study better, it really doesn’t work on me, My friend who took more than me he was really having the effects like amphetamine, He was really feeling it so maybe you need to take more of it, alcohol may boost the effect and sometimes I really don’t know, taking drugs may get to know yourself better and amphetamine is really that boost of energy but I try it not to take it so often, those sleepless nights and hallucinations can really drive you crazy sometimes

Haven’t slept since Friday afternoon, sniffed around 4gram speed within 48 hours and in between crushed and sniffed 12 pills rilatin, I am hallucinating and I want to sleep please